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Adore Puppy 
Shopping Guide

Puppy Essentials

puppy bowl

Tilted Feeding Dish

FAKUMARU elevated tilted feeding ceramic bowl set. Solid wood water stand feeder

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puppy potty bells

Puppy Potty Bell

Consmart dog training bell, non-skid rubber base

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retractable leash

Retractable Leash

16 feet long, heavy duty retractable leash, one hand break lock, tangle free

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puppy shamoo

Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner

pet oatmeal, baking soda, and aloe based pet shampoo with coconut provides anti-itch relief

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dog collar

Dog Collar

Joytale Reflective dog collar, padded, breathable nylon, adjustable

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dog food

Puppy Food

Balanced omega 3 & 6 with Dha, contains probiotics and prebiotics, easy to eat smaller bites

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squeeky dog toys

Puppy Teething Toys

Toozey durable toys for small dogs, seven pack, cute squeaky dog toys, non-toxic

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puppy kennel

Dog Kennel

MidWest Homes for pet iCrate, single and double door crates

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dog toothbrush

Dog Oral Care

Nylabone oral care dental kits for dogs, toothbrush, toothpaste, puppy finger toothbrush

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per carrier

Pet Carrier

Henkelion dog carrier, up to 15 lbs, soft sided, collapsible, adjustable shoulder strap.

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puppy bed

Washable Dog Bed

calming donut dog bed, machine washable, in shag or lux fur

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grooming scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors

round tip grooming scissors (2 pairs - 1 for body & one for face, nose and paws, Stainless steel blade

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dog leash

Dog Leash

Blueberry Pet Essentials, durable classic dog leashes, double handle

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puppy brush

Combo Dog Brush

double sided brush, one side for detangling & the other for redistributing natural oils for healthy shiny coat

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puppy gate

Dog Gate

Unipaws six panels extra wide free standing walk through dog gate with four support feet, pet playpen, 144 by 32

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dog treats

Puppy Training Treats

Stewart freeze dried dog treats, grain free, natural, single ingredient

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puppy car seat

Dog Car Booster Seat

Devoted Doggy Deluxe, ensures safety furing driving,  adjustable straps, collapsible canvas, easy clean

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pet spray

Pet Stain Enzyme Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie stain & odor eliminator, enzyme powered pet spray for carpet, gentle &safe,color safe

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travel water

Portable Puppy Water Dispenser

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Earth Rated dog wipes, plant based and compostable, 99 percent biobased, deoderizing pet wipes, 

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Puppy Wipes

nail trimmer

Dog Nail Clippers

dog nail trimmer with safety guard to avoid over cutting nails, razor sharp, sturdy non-slip handles

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puppy wipes
doggie bags

Dog Poop Bags

earth rated, extra thick and strong poop bags, leak-proof

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Snuggle Heartbeat Toy

Pet anxiety relief and calming aid. Comfort toy for Behavioral training

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snuggle hearbeat toy
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