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Adore Cavapoo Puppies


We are so glad you stopped by to see us. Our family is found in the heart of the mid-west,  where the prairie is our home.


We raise Teacup & Toy Cavapoos for you because we ADORE ours.  Raising happy, healthy Cavapoos who bring joy to others is our mission.  These precious puppies will fill a place in your heart as it has ours.


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Cavapoo Litter

Miss Coco is expecting a litter of  Mini-Cavapoo puppies the beginning of August! 

Georgia /Tucker

Cavapoo Litter

Miss Georgia is expecting a litter of Mini Cavapoo puppies the beginning of August! 

cavapoo puppy iow top puppy breeder


Cooper  fills a place in
our heart's that we
never knew was empty!



Our Family


Our home is found a few miles from the small town West Bend, IA.  Knowing our neighbors and supporting our small community is important to us. 


Taking a closer look at our family...I am Twila, the one behind the pictures & the one you will email and chat with to help prepare you for your puppy journey!

My husband (Darin) works at a food manufacturing company, Country Maid. He is also my very patient tech guy and my dearest friend.  Together we are raising our six children. Their ages run from senior to third grade. We are cherishing every moment as they grow. We often find ourselves thanking God for his bountiful blessings.




Our Story



Part one of our story begins with a puppy, whose little paws and wagging tail wiggled himself into our hearts.

Never before having a house dog, we got Cooper, a precious little Cavapoo. He has taken us on a wonderful puppy adventure. I tell people there is never a gift that we've purchased for our family that has brought so much joy, and it keeps on giving.

The love and affection that Cooper shows mixed with his calm yet playful manner has melted us all. If he gets grumpy with us, it is from "over loving" on our part.

Part two of our puppy story began with COVID, along with the rest of the world we had ample time on our hands.  Wanting to fill that time we decided to raise puppies. We bred our Lab (Maggie) to a poodle. During COVID we raised two litters of Labradoodles. We loved it all, meeting people from across the United States, our family working together & of course all the puppy "lovin." 

So in the midst of the pandemic our adventure with Adore Puppies began. When choosing a breed we kept going back to the Cavapoo. Our daughter is allergic to most dogs...but not Cooper. The mix of poodle in the Cavapoo makes them a great fit for families with allergies.   The cavapoo just continued checking every box in what we loved with a dog and it doesn't  get cuter than a cavapoo.  We then purchased four King Cavalier Spaniels and one mini Poodle. It's been a wonderful journey and our hope is that we can help you begin your puppy adventure.


Contact Us

Interested in a Cavapoo puppy or if you want more information - give   a call or text to Twila:​

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