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Our Puppies &
Our Puppy Parents

We have designed an Adore puppy potty training sheet, puppy schedule & puppy handbook, that is sent home with each Adore Puppy. 


To join our adoption reservation list- fill out a puppy application, or give us a call.

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Our Puppies Go Home

-with a health guarantee
-health certificate
-vet checked
-up to date on vaccinations
-loved & socialized
-with a mom scented blanket

Our Adore Puppies

Our Adore Puppies



-red and apricot with white markings



-average sizes are 12-18 pounds



-are first generational


the gift that keeps 
on giving.


Our Puppy Parents

are AKC or ACA registered dogs  - champion bloodlines-  are pure bred Cavaliers & Poodles -  are genetically tested -   vet checked regularly


Each of our puppies will complete the 

"Super Dog" program. before going to their forever home.

Early Neurological Stimulation

Based on years of research, the military learned that early stimulation exercises had lasting effects of a puppies development.  The studies confirmed that that there are specific  neurological stimulations periods early in a puppies life that can have lasting benefits.  The first period is in the window from day three to day sixteen.  


It's development includes five exercises performed on the puppy, which was designed to stimulate the neurological system. In studies, the puppies that  were stimulated with these exercises were found to be more active and were more exploratory  then non-stimulated litter mates. The stimulated puppies were also dominant in competitive situations.

Five Benefits of the
"Super Dog" Program

1. Improved heart rate - Cardiovascular Performance

2. Heart beats are stronger

3. Adrenal glands are stronger

4. A higher tolerance to stressful situations.

5. A higher resistance to disease.

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Our Passion...

  not just for our puppies but also for our dogs!

Five years ago our family purchased a retired male poodle from a dog breeder.  Our family was excited for a new pet.  We were surprised when we got him and he stood in the corner and wouldn't hardly look at us.  We coaxed and gently talked to him, trying to get him to respond to us.  He was finally getting to where he would look at us and be a little playful.   We decided after time he was ready to be off his leash so he could run and play.   Instead of playing he took off to the nearest field.  If you've ever been to an Iowa corn field that hasn't been harvested, you can easily get lost.  We walked the perimeter of the field on and off for two days calling to him.  He never came. I am convinced he didn't want to come out. The third day he was found dead on the road.


It was sad for us to realize many kennel dogs are never socialized, loved or allowed to play outside.   I believe in time if a neglected dog is a pet, these dogs may learn to love and trust eventually. However like neglected children, they have scars.

When we made the decision to bred dogs  we wanted to do it with integrity, not only for our puppies but also our dogs. 

Our dogs have a newly remodeled home with heated floors & a area to play outside.  In the spring we are opening up a large grassy area that they will have access to run and play.   We often let them run around our six acre farm. They are beautiful, loving, happy dogs. It brings us joy to see our dogs are happy & cared for.

We Welcome You!

We welcome all of our Adore Puppy customers to visit our home near West Bend IA.  West Bend Is home of the Grotto of the Redemption, often called the "eighth wonder of the world".  It also is home to some lovely shops and has beautiful Airbnbs.

We welcome our customers to visit our kennel.  It is important to us that our customers feel comfortable where and how their puppy's life began.  If you have visited a dog park a couple days before visiting we ask you not to enter the kennel. We require anyone entering to wash their hands and wear shoe covers.  Our dogs and puppies health is very important to us.  We have the right to use our discretion of who may enter our kennel.

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